Sunday, 5 September 2010


To Hillmorton Locks today for a boat test.  As you might expect on a Sunday morning, it was very busy.  We were following boats down the top lock, but at the middle locks it was a case of one up one down.  For some reason, I took only one photo, and even that has very little in it.

We moored up below the locks, by which time it was raining, so David could do the interior photos, and I could have a closer look at the boat.  Then it was a walk back up the locks, in the hope of lunch.

Arriving at Badsey's Cafe Bistro at approximately 30 seconds past 2, we were informed in no uncertain terms that food stopped at 2, and we were too late.  Apparently a party of four for lunch isn't worth staying open for.  We instead went to the Royal Oak, just along the canal next to Blue Haven Marina.  And I didn't take any photos there, either.


canalchef said...

My food is prepared to order and whilst there are five signs outside that say last lunchtime orders are at 2pm, many people do have the good sense and courtesy to telephone or email through our website to say they are coming and would like me hang on to cook for them. I apologise if sometimes I don't feel like cooking for folk who just come in to throw their teddy in the corner.

DAVID said...

I guess that Canalchef's comments says it all about her attitude. Long hours and hard work are all part of the hospitality industry...but so is charisma. That was very sadly lacking. Anyway it was her lose and the Royal Oak's gain. And guess what that was freshly cooked to.

Sue said...

Oh, I am really surprised at that comment. I have always used this place on our way through and enjoyed the food very very much.. the teddy attitude was really not called for.

Bill Rodgers said...

The "teddy" comment says it all. I wont bother explaining it to canalchef, because my father taught me to never waste my time with people like that.

The Crew: Mike, Mag's and Poppy! said...

Sue, there are two groups of people in the World.

The first is the nice and friendly people group - and the second is canalchef's grumpy and miserable group. My advice is to join the first group - there is much less competition for places.


Mick and Mags