Friday, 24 September 2010

September Cruise - Day 8

Trevor basin proved to be a very quiet mooring, once I'd been out at 10pm to ask the Black Prince boat behind to turn off its engine.

Heavy rain overnight, and it was still raining in the morning although it cleared up later.  Brian and Mike left after breakfast, picking up their car from Anglo Welsh.  We set off at 8.30, straight over the aqueduct.  At Whitehouse Tunnel, we arrived at one end at about the same time a boat arrived at the other.  They turned off their tunnel light to indicate that we should come through.  It turned out to be a very unusual boat -- wheel steered from a position at the front.

By 10am, we were moored up at the north portal of Chirk tunnel.  The towpath there is very soft and muddy, so we were pleased to find a couple of rings to moor to.  We walked into Chirk, past the very sweet smelling Cadbury factory, to stock up for the next few days.

Next we make the one mile walk across the fields to Chirk Castle, where we walked round the fantastic gardens with fantastic views, had lunch in the cafe, and looked round the castle.

Setting off again, we had to wait for one boat to come through Chirk tunnel, then we headed through.  At the other end, the Shroppie fly boat Saturn was just coming off the aqueduct, being towed by another boat.

We moored up at New Marton -- another early finish.  Mid Wales Narrowboats, which seems to be the same as Maestermyn Cruisers and Welsh Lady Narrowboats, had clearly released a load of boats this afternoon, as a whole procession came past.  The water pump is still leaking, but turning the water and the pump off makes it stop, so we'll just turn them on when we need them, and let Norbury Wharf sort it out on Friday.

7 miles, 0 locks.  (82 miles, 48 locks)

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