Friday, 17 September 2010


By now, we should both be on the road.  Adrian should be driving a hire car from Heathrow to Birmingham Airport, and I should be driving from home to Birmingham to pick him up, from where we'd continue to Norbury Junction.  But a big storm in New York last night means his flight is four hours late, and instead of arriving at 7.40 this morning, it's now expected at 11.31.  So I'm going to go to Heathrow to meet him, and our friends who are spending the first week with us will go to Norbury Wharf to meet the Tesco delivery.  Once we've done the car shuffle, I'd be surprised if we get much beyond the junction bridge today!

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Anonymous said...

Oh no, and look at the weather - I bet you can't wait to be at the tiller!

Hope Adrian arrives safely soon and that you can get your cruise underway.

Sue, Indigo Dream