Saturday, 18 September 2010

September Cruise - Day Two

We set off at 8.30 on a lovely sunny morning.  The Shroppie was looking at its best, with the contrasts of the Shebdon Embankment, and the Woodseaves Cutting.  There were very few boats coming the other way, although we met a hotel boat in a fairly narrow part of Woodseaves.  It was only at Tyrley Locks that we started meeting boats coming up.

We stopped for water at Market Drayton, and Brian and Mike walked into town.  It sounds as though it hasn't improved any, with plenty of closed shops.  The majority of the others are charity shops.  We carried on once the tank was filled, and they caught us up for lunch just beyond Bridge 66.

There was a rain shower while we were stopped, and a few more once we'd set off down the Adderley Locks.  There's a stand at the top lock selling eggs and cakes, and we came away with some cup cakes.  By the time we reached the top of the Audlem flight the rain was more persistent.  There were a few boats coming up to start with, then we were at the back of a procession of boats going down.

We took the last mooring space below Lock 11.  We're some way out thanks to the Shroppie shelf under the water.  We had a walk round Audlem, then went to the Shroppie Fly for a drink before eating on board.  It's been raining most of the evening, so we're hoping it will have passed through by the morning.

14.5 miles, 21 locks.  (18 miles, 21 locks)


Captain Ahab said...

What day will you be coming back through Market Drayton? I am out for four days next weekend and will be at Mkt Drayton on Saturday night - then returning to Gailey.

Adam said...

We'll be back at Norbury on Thursday night of next week, so I don't think our paths will cross. Maybe in November ...