Friday, 17 September 2010

September Cruise - Day One

A day dominated by a drive which at times I thought would never end.  It started with a trip to Heathrow to pick up Adrian from his delayed flight.  Our friends Brian and Mike who are joining us for the first week agreed to go to Norbury as arranged to receive our Tesco delivery.  Then Brian drove to Trevor where we'd arranged parking for his car, and we went direct to there to pick him up.  It was 4.45 by the time we eventually got to Norbury Wharf, but we left in record time, just fifteen minutes later.

We moored up just after 6 at Shebdon Wharf, right on the aqueduct.  We retired to the Wharf Inn for a few drinks, before eating on board and having an early night.  On the way back from the pub I took a photo of the aqueduct (although it was getting dark, so not a great photo).

3.5 miles, 0 locks.

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Captain Ahab said...

Any aqueduct photo is a worthwhile image.....