Sunday, 29 August 2010

Aldermaston Wharf

On the way home from the IWA National yesterday, we went through Aldermaston and saw a sign for Aldermaston Wharf and visitor centre.  The centre was closed, although there was a wedding party there having photos taken.  But we walked down the canal past Reading Marine to Padworth Lock, where two narrowboats were about to come up, and a widebeam was waiting behind.

Back the other way is Aldermaston Lift Bridge, where they're building a new waiting area, and beyond is Aldermaston Lock, which has scalloped sides.

There were plenty of boats coming and going, but the electronic mechanism on the bridge makes boaters wait for several minutes before opening it again.  It's not surprising.  The whole process takes quite a long time, and because it's quite a busy road the queues build up quite quickly.

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