Sunday, 28 September 2008

Walsall town basin

I realised I hadn't published any photos of our moorings at Walsall Town Basin. We were the only boat there, and I got the impression that boats are something of a novelty, with the pontoons rarely used. The building behind the boat is the new art gallery.

The town centre is immediately behind the basin, and there's a pub along side. In front of Debdale is a large area still awaiting development. It all looks rather different on the Urban Splash website.


Bruce in Sanity said...

How secure did it feel to be the only boat there, Adam?



Adam said...

Hi Bruce -- when we got there at about 4pm there were some slightly suspicious fishermen around, but the area was also busy with people at Costa Coffee and the pub, so I thought it was unlikely they'd get up to anything. Later, there were ballroom dancing lessons going on at the pub, which didn't seem very threatening, although it did get noisy later. The main worry was that the route round the basin seems to be a very popular walking route to somewhere, so there are people walking past the stern. I'm not sure I'd moor there on a Friday night or at the weekend, but early in the week seems fine and we'd definitely do it again. By the way, there are some offside moorings at the very start of the Walsall Town Arm, where some BW work boats are moored. They were behind a gate, but they're also some way out of town.


Halfie said...

Any particular reason why your photos aren't clickable, Adam? Is it to keep within the Blogger upload limit?

Halfie said...

er... apart from the first pic here.

Adam said...

I made the pictures smaller while we were using the mobile internet dongle, to speed the upload process. Photos posted from home are full size.

Jill and Graham said...

Hi Adam, There are two photos of Debdale now on the Contented Soul Blog, please feel free to use as required.