Monday, 22 September 2008

September Cruise - Day Eleven

Monday 22 September

We made an early morning visit to the Sainsbury's Local just up from Bancroft Basin, then had breakfast and pulled away from our pontoon at 9.30. It had started very overcast, but by the time we left, the sun had come out. We'd seen a couple of other boats leave before us, so we had to turn the first few locks, before we began to meet people Stratford-bound.

Water levels at the Wilmcote flight were very low again. We had a nasty moment waiting for Lock 47. I was holding the boat at the lock landing with the centre rope, and when the woman operating the lock for the boat coming down open opened the paddle, a huge amount of water came out, caught the bow, and began to sweep it across the canal. I let the rope out, and as she wasn't watching was was happening, shouted to her to drop the paddle. I hadn't tied up the boat as I thought this might happen (the shallowness of the pound made the effect much worse); if I had, I think the boat wound have been pulled onto its side.
We stopped for lunch at Wilmcote, then headed off under darkening skies. Soon, it was raining (not in the forecast), and at times threw it down. It was still raining on and off as we went across the Edstone Aqueduct.

We've moored for the night at Wootton Wawen, arriving at just before 4. We were hoping to visit the farm shop, but it turns out that it's closed on Mondays!

7 miles, 17 locks. (Totals: 109 miles, 162 locks)

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