Monday, 8 September 2008

Floods and a breach

Someone, presumably a local, has posted some great pictures of the breach on the Stourbridge Canal, which is why we won't be taking this route next week. It seems there's a 50 metre hole in the embankment, and all the water drained into the river below. BW say the canal will be closed for at least four months.

And here's why we won't be going on the Avon or the Severn: floods in Tewkesbury, and in Worcester.

The latest thinking is that we might go into Birmingham first, then on to the Black Country Living Museum at Dudley, then down the Stratford Canal to Bancroft Basin, before turning round and heading back to base.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,
Thanks for posting these photos - the breach is far worse than I imagined from earlier reports. Like you, I was planning to go this way in a fortnight's time. That's another plan that will have to be changed!