Saturday, 27 September 2008

For Starcross

Jim on Starcross asked for a photo of Lowsonford, where Starcross used to be moored. So here's a picture taken while we were on the water point: it's another OwnerShips boat, Scherzo, coming through the bridge below the lock.
Jim said one of the problems of the Lowsonford moorings was that it's seven locks in either direction to turn around. Perhaps that explains why there seem to be so many empty spaces. Some boats could have been out cruising, of course. Or maybe the reason was the one identified a few weeks ago by Bruce on Sanity: before when moorings became vacant the next person on the waiting list could take up the place almost immediately; now, the mooring tendering process takes so long, that spaces are empty for months.

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Jim said...

Thanks Adam!
The moorings at Lowsonford were always full when Starcross was there, so perhaps it is the auction system that's creating empty spaces.