Monday, 1 September 2008


Last Sunday seems a long time ago now (but it does mean we're a week closer to getting back on board!). Our next stop on our country lane route between Stratford and Warwick was Lowsonford. This is lock 31, with a lovely little barrel-roofed cottage.
We walked up the towpath past the visitor moorings to lock 30.

It was 6.30 by this time, and we'd seen the Fleur de Lys on the other side of the canal, so decided to go there for dinner. There's a lovely big canalside garden, but if you want to eat outside you're limited to the patio, which puts the car park in between you and the garden and canal. We opted to try items from the pie menu, which were pretty good, if a little expensive. We're just hoping it's as sunny when we do this stretch on the boat, as it was just over a week ago.


Jim said...

Hi Adam,
This post brings back memories! Starcross was moored at Lowsonford when I bought her and I kept her there for the first 18 months.Make sure you allow plenty of time for those locks on the southern Stratford. I had to go through at least seven of them (both ways) just to turn round and it used to take half-a-day, they are SO slow!

Adam said...

Hi Jim
I remember that Starcross was on the Stratford, but didn't know where. I'm not surprised you moved up to Norbury Jct. I'm also told that some of the Stratford locks are on the narrow side. We're just hoping there's not too much rain, or our route along the Avon and up the Severn might be in jeopardy.

Nic Chilton said...

Slow? I did Lowsonford - Stratford in 9 hours, 11 miles & 24 locks so not so slow, but maybe they are slower rising?

The Fleur de Lys is a nice pub, and I suppose expensive, but the pies were nice - quite unusual to have such a wide range.

Adam said...

Nic, Maybe they're "piggy bank locks": slow to fill and quick to empty! I noticed that on your video of this section (which I'd been looking forward to), most of the locks were in your favour. I've allowed two days to get from Kingswood Junction to Stratford, which should be plenty.

Martin said...

The Fleur is the only place I've ever seen 3 varieties of champagne being sold by the glass! Woo hoo ;)