Wednesday, 24 September 2008

September Cruise - Day Thirteen

Wednesday 24 September

Last night's mooring on Rowington embankment was very dark and very quiet - except for the ducks, who seemed to quack a lot, and peck the side of the boat. They must be well fed from boats stopping in the area, as they rushed over to the window as soon as they saw anyone.

We set off at about 9, and got to the top of the Hatton Locks about an hour later. We thought we'd wait a while to see if another boat came along for us to share with, and while we waited filled the tank with water. When the tank was almost full, we were delighted to see a boat coming along, and a woman walking along the tow path with a windlass. We told her we'd been waiting for a boat to share the locks with, but she said she was actually with a second boat and these two had already agreed to share the locks. So off they went, leaving us to follow on behind, turning almost every lock in the process. Even so, we got to the bottom in just over three hours, and the weather was much better than forecast with long sunny spells. The locks were looking their best, particularly the steep section.

We moored in the Saltisford Arm, where we are behind Liberty Belle. We went into town for a late lunch, then had a wander round before returning to the boat and lighting the fire.

5 miles, 21 locks. (Totals: 122 miles, 200 locks)

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