Saturday, 13 December 2008

Turkey, ordered.

We'll be on board Debdale for Christmas. Adrian's going up first, but I've got to work for a few more days, so he'll single-hand up the North Oxford, and I'll get the train to Rugby after work on the 22nd and get a taxi to the Tesco moorings. Today's achievement was to order our turkey from the butcher in Braunston, which we'll pick up as we go past the village on the 23rd. We're having a butterfly crown, which will come ready stuffed. I just hope it will fit in a) the fridge; and b) the oven. Incidentally, we found the easiest way to find the phone number was to google Braunston Butcher, and find a photo of the shop.


Kev said...

Hi Adam,
Do you have final destination for this trip? We may be heading your way (boxing day onwards)from Gt Haywood so may run in to you.
Kev & Ann (4Evermoore)

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Adam
Guess where we will be on 22nd? same place as you. Our daughter will be catching the train up from London on 22nd also. Hope to finally catch up after all this time.
Take care
Dot and Derek
Nb Gypsy Rover

Adam said...

Hi Kev

Don't think we'll bump into you, as we'll be heading south on the Oxford, and have to be back at Stockton Top on the 27th. I've got to go to work on the 28th.

Dot and Derek

I don't suppose your daughter will be on the 1903 train from Euston, will she? If she is, we could share a taxi to the canal!! Adrian says can you save him a space so he won't have to lug the shopping to far! Hope to see you there.


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Adam
No she's on an earlier train arriving early afternoon. See what we can do about a mooring.
Take care
Dot and Derek

Halfie said...

You probably won't have to worry about whether or not it will fit into the fridge this time of year - it's been as cold as a fridge outside recently. You might have to keep it animal-proof, though! As long as it's not too cold to freeze the cut ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam
Will probably see you at Stockton as we are going out early on the 27th (as early as we can get up from Bedford).
Planning to cruise up towards the Ashby for a leisurely 10 days. My leave runs out so will have to be back at work for the 8th :(
Dave & Chris
NB Silkwood

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Debdale slid past without a ripple today heading down the Napton Flight.(I wish they all came like that)
W shall be back on Harnser on 28 heading for Debdale marina as we are booked in for a repaint if all goes well and the cut doesn't freez over to thickly. We have to be there on the second Jan.