Monday, 8 December 2008

Amber Boats on test

There's a nice Christmassy feel to the front cover of the January issue of Canal Boat, which is out today. Inside is my review of Paris, the Amber Boat which won an award at the IWA. At £74,000, it's by far the cheapest boat I've tested for CB, and I was surprised by how good it was. It's not an aficionado's boat, but for anyone who just wants to get afloat cheaply it's worth a look.


Sarah said...

Hi Adam,

Is that three diamonds of Yates Brothers I see on the cover of CB?

Looks as though the boat could be NB.Tesla a very early Norton Canes, it's distinctive due to the Portrait of Nickola Tesla painted on the smaller of the rear panels. I think it's moored at Thrupp on the Oxford in that picture.

Can't wait for my copy to come though now. :-)

Neil Corbett said...

Got my copy today. A well written and fair review I thought. I'd rather have a plain well built boat than a fancy looking one built with less care. Mind you for that money you could get a very nice second hand boat if you were careful.


Adam said...

Hi Sarah

Not sure about the boat on the cover (the first time I see the cover is when it drops through my letter box!) It's certainly Thrupp in the photo though. Inside, there's a tiny preview of next month's boat test which you might like...


Thanks for your comment. It's nice to go on a boat and be pleasantly surprised by the workmanship. It does seem to bear out what the makers claim -- that the Poles are very good at joinery, and it costs a lot less than it would here.


Maffi said...

Tsla at Thrupp it is!