Sunday, 21 December 2008

Christmas Cruise - Day 3

Pulled the pins around 8am. My challenge for the day was the Hillmorton 3. Worked through the top lock without too much trouble. There was another boat also heading down, and given they had a crew, were a lot quicker than I was. They kindly filled and then opened the top gates of the next two locks for me. Made the whole process a lot easier for me. Thanks guys.

View from the top lock looking along the visitor moorings:

Stopped for water at the bottom of the locks with just enough time for a warming cup of tea. Then passed Gypsy Rover moored at the Hillmorton visitor moorings:

Carried on through to Newbold, stopping at the 14 day visitor moorings for a break. Ten Bob Note was moored a couple of boats ahead. Nice walk down to the shops to get a paper, followed by lunch on board, before heading off again.

Am now moored near bridge 34, having winded at the Brinklow Arm (bridge 32). It's been a lovely bright day, with blue sky and plenty of sunshine. Ideal winter boating weather. Tonight's mooring:
10 miles, 3 locks (24 miles, 6 locks)


Keith and Jo said...
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Keith and Jo said...

Nice photo of our working boat Hadar at Hillmorton. We passed you today whilst you were moored at Rugby. We are back at Hillmorton tonight and Braunston tomorrow, perhaps we will see you there.

Keith & Jo Lodge