Saturday, 20 December 2008

Christmas Cruise - Day 2

Some pictures of the marina yesterday:

And last night's mooring:

Set off around 9:20 after a leisurely breakfast. Wet start to the day with drizzly rain. Finally dried up around 11:30 as I approached Braunston. Decided to pop into Braunston village to get a few bits and peices from the Spar store there, so moored between bridges 89 & 90. Walk up the hill through the field was really muddy - I was amazed I'd made it to the top without ending face first in the mud!

Braunston lunchtime mooring:

After lunch I headed off towards Hillmorton. Afternoon was dry, with the sun trying to make an appearance. Very pleasant cruise. I'm now moored near bridge 75 along one of the few sections of Armco in the area.

9 miles, 0 locks (13 miles, 3 locks).

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