Saturday, 27 December 2008

Christmas Cruise - Day 9

It was very cold and frosty this morning, and we'd had to let the fire go out over night in order to clean out the stove, so the boat was pretty chilly. We were up early, showered and breakfasted, so the packing could begin. There was very little space outside the marina, so we left the boat where it was and brought the car along the lane instead. We were on our way shortly after 8.30, at the end of another enjoyable cruise.

But the excitement wasn't over yet. We'd arranged to go and say hello to Lesley and Joe of Caxton, so drove across to Foxton. The roadsigns were littered with places we'd be to only by water. Our route took us past North Kilworth Wharf, through Husbands Bosworth (we've been through the tunnel a few times, but never seen the town before), and into Theddingworth (which has given its name to one of Debdale's sister boats).
Caxton is moored on the Market Harborough Arm, and you can just see the boat (and Matilda Rose) in the distance in this photo taken from the top of the inclined plane.

We spent a very pleasant hour or so with Lesley and Joe. Inevitably, the topics of conversation included toilets. It was lovely to see them, and we hope we didn't disrupt their preparations for family visitors later in the morning.

It was still very cold when we left Caxton, and went for a quick walk up the locks. We'd already seen Zindagi go by, and they were waiting at the bottom of the locks. There was one boat going up the top half of the flight, and one coming down the bottom half, so they probably didn't have to wait long.


Nb Yarwood said...

And it was lovely to see you two Gents as well!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam
We arrived at Stockton around 7:30am after a very icy/frosty start from home in Bedford.
Was loading up Silkwood at the far end of the marina when you pulled in.
Managed few hours cruising before the easterly winds gave me a headache, we moored at Flecknoe.
Left Flecknoe late this morning & moored up now at Hillmorton, the easterly winds making steering treacherous in places :(

Dave & Chris NB Silkwood