Monday, 1 December 2008


I'm just back from Brinklow, where I've been doing a boat test. We were fortunate that there was bright sunshine and blue skies for most of out short trip out, so the photos will look good. It was very cold, though, and I was glad of my multiple layers, including thermals under my jeans, and ski socks. I'd forgotten quite how pretty this stretch of the North Oxford was. While some people regard "lock-free cruising" as the ideal, I think of it as rather boring. But in the winter sunshine, the canal was looking lovely (and there were even a couple of other moving boats).

At Brinklow marina, I surprised myself by doing a rather successful reverse onto the pontoon. The marina seems a pleasant place, (and will be even better when the trees they were planting today have grown to windbreak height), and is home to plenty of bloggers. I spotted both Khayamanzi and K2. We also waved at Graham from Matilda Rose, who was on the service point.

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