Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Napton Lock Cottage Restoration III

The owners of the Napton Lock Cottage have commented on my last post about the near completion of their restoration project. Nigel says that accusations (not by me, I might add) that they've enlarged the cottage are wrong. He says the attic room was always there. He also says they're very boater friendly -- so when you're next stuck in a long queue at the bottom of the Napton flight, you know where to go for a chat!

Here's Nigel's comment in full:

More of a major restoration than conversion. The attic room has always been there, we've added conservation approved skylights. Several people have accused us of enlarging the cottage (or building a new one!) However I can assure you that the square footage remains exactly the same as when we bought it. Perhaps removing the old white paint gives the impression of the property being enlarged.

Next time you are passing, say hello and check on our progress. We are "boater friendly" as Louise and I occasionally crew on the ex FMC steamer nb President (time permitting!).

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