Thursday, 7 August 2008

IWA National Festival

Last night I finally got round to ordering a couple of tickets for the IWA National at Autherley Junction near Wolverhampton. I was due to have been working all over the August Bank Holiday weekend, but I've managed to do a swap so we'll be able to dash up on the Sunday.

The tickets are a pound cheaper if you order online, and you don't have to queue. Last time we went, a couple of years ago at Beale Park on the Thames, we arrived before the gates opened, and still found ourselves in a long line of people who all seemed to want to pay by credit card.

There's lots of information on the IWA website, and I particularly like this feature, where they've marked the main sites on a Google map.

And because I don't like posting without a photo, this is Autherley Junction as we went past in 2006 on our extended Leicester Circuit.

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Halfie said...

Hi Adam - I've just posted on the subject of IWA Festival tickets - I found the ticket information on their website to be poor. I had expected details on discounts for tickets for the whole weekend, or at least to have to specify which day I wanted to go. (That would have made it clear that they did not cover the entire weekend.) The tickets have arrived, but are not day-specific.

But you'l have some vouchers on your copy of Canal Boat, and be able to get in even cheaper than the advance price. I enjoyed your review of Whitefield - nicely impartial!