Friday, 29 August 2008

More boating

A share in Debdale came up for sale a few weeks ago. We thought about buying it, but decided we wouldn't have time to use all the weeks that two shares would give us.

Then one of the other owners suggested that a few of us get together to buy the share. So we've gone in with two other owners, giving each of us an extra week on board. It means that we no longer own a twelfth of Debdale; we're up to a ninth.


Nic said...

That sounds interesting, but how will you manage the weeks/voting/etc? If you treat your share as a 9th and choose 4 weeks in turn, it might peeve others off below you. So I assume the 3 owners collude on choosing the 4th week when it's the joint share's turn to choose. You'll also have to rotate who takes the low week each year.
A nice way to get more boating without having to resort to the reverse booking method. I'd have to stop all my non-boating holidays to similarly take advantage.

Adam said...

Hi Nic,

Yes, we'll each choose the three weeks for our fully owned shares in the normal way. Then when it's the turn of the jointly owned share we'll have a three-way discussion and sort out which weeks people want. We'll rotate the low week (unless someone particularly wants it).

I don't think voting at the owners' meeting will be a problem -- nothing has ever actually come to a vote! We seem to work to a position without needing a vote.