Saturday, 9 August 2008

Mobile Broadband

Our new mobile broadband dongle arrived this morning. We got a good deal with 3: 5GB for £7.50 a month; the dongle itslef was free. This means that (signal permitting) we'll be able to blog our way round our route in September. That'll make it much easier for anyone who wants to come and help with some locks to know where we'll be!


Dave said...

Hi Adam
We also received our dongle yesterday (same offer).
Looking forward to when we are back on Silkwood or up at our static caravan to use it.
I tried using here at home last night.
Dave & Chris (Silkwood)

Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

I see you're dropping hints about the locks again.

After seeing several boaters blogging about their 3 connection and with my own T-Mobile connection up for renewal I was in the local Carphone Warehouse checking out the offer a few days ago.

Both people in the queue in front of me were returning their 3 conections. Aparrently they work well, with great coverage but negligible bandwith to be shared with lots of people, and getting slower with every one they sell.

The person ahead of me said it would take two months to send 5GB of data if he left it on 24/7.

The Carphone Warehouse salesman refunded them without any hesitation and said they get more 3 connections returned than all the others put together. Aparently they get commision for selling them and keep the commission even if they are returned!

I hope you have better luck - but make sure you can send useful amounts of data while you still have any trial period in which to return it.

Adam said...

Hi Paul

It was very fast at home on Saturday, so we'll just have to see how it works in other places and at different times of day. 3 and T Mobile are in the process of merging their 3G networks, which should be better coverage and more capacity, so things should be getting better.