Thursday, 24 July 2008

Napton Lock Cottage restoration II

Back in January, I posted about Napton Lock Cottage which had been sold and was being done up. It was covered in scaffolding, and the roof was off. Well, it appears the work is almost finished. The roof is back on, the scaffolding is down, and a new porch has been built. There are also skylights in the other side of the roof, so it's apparently now a three storey house.

What a great place to live. I hope the owners like boats!


Ann/Kev said...

Hi Adam,
The penny has just dropped! Never realised (until now) it was you who left the comments on my blog in the past. It was only after reading Granny Buttons blog that it has finally sunk in-Doh!Good spread you did on our boat, hope we meet on the cut one day.
Kevin & Ann (4Evermoore)

Adam said...

Hi Kev,
Glad you liked it! Looks as though you're making good use of 4Evermoore too (when you're in the country, anyway!). I'm sure we'll run into each other sometime.

Anonymous said...

Quite a major conversion though, from small lock cottage to major 3 story house. Went passed in May '08.

Nic (

Nigel said...

The cottage owners reply,

More of a major restoration than conversion. The attic room has always been there, we've added conservation approved skylights. Several people have accused us of enlarging the cottage (or building a new one!) However I can assure you that the square footage remains exactly the same as when we bought it. Perhaps removing the old white paint gives the impression of the property being enlarged.

Next time you are passing, say hello and check on our progress. We are "boater friendly" as Louise and I occasionally crew on the ex FMC steamer nb President (time permitting!).