Thursday, 1 May 2008

Stourport's re-opened basin

There's lots of building work going on in Stourport, much of it around the re-opened basin. A new bridge has been construsted to take Mart Lane over the entrance to the new basin, and Barratt Homes are building flats and houses.

There seems to be surprisingly little information online about the Mart Lane basin. Even the official website doesn't say when it was filled in. The google map below must be fairly recent, though, as the basin is shown in water, although the building work hadn't begun. It's clear to see that the new basin is quite a lot smaller than the original one.

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The other place where there's work going on is at the former Tontine Hote, which faces the River Severn. It dates from 1788, but has been closed for a long time. It was threatened with demolition in 1977, and closed as a pub in 2001. There are more details of its history here. Now it's being converted into eight townhouses, and the grounds in front are being landscaped.

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