Friday, 30 May 2008

Rothersthorpe Locks

Last Saturday's sun at Crick didn't last, and it was raining heavily in Northampton by Sunday morning. But we decided to go to have a look at the Rothersthorpe Locks on our way home in spite of the weather.

The water levels were pretty high, and the by washes would probably have made getting into or out of the locks quite bumpy.

Having got soaked walking down a few of the locks, we got back in the car and continued along the back roads to Blisworth, passing the back (or front, despending on your preferred mode of transport) of Gayton Marina and Blisworth Marina. At Blisworth, we turned towards Stoke Bruerne, passing one of the tunnel air shafts on the way. Stoke Bruerne was very quiet, and we sat in the museum cafe with tea and coffee, watching the rain come down. We saw two moving boats, both Wyvern hire boats, plus a family who were determined to take out the day boat from outside the Boat Inn despite the rain.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

If only I'd know you were going to the Rothersthorpe flight I'd have appeared walkign up the towpath with windlass in hand !!!

Adam said...

Hi Paul, I think your windlass would have remained unused, as we didn't see any moving boats at all! Not surprising, as it was chucking it down. It would have been nice to see some boats (and we'd have helped with the odd gate or two), but it seemed they were all tied up in various marinas!