Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Debdale sighting

Paul on Waterway Routes has posted about a sighting of Debdale on the Stratford Canal near King's Norton Junction.

These owners are the Jaspers. One of the nice things about Debdale is that there's a diary on board, and every owner writes an account each day of where they've been. It provides a good few hours of reading (particularly if you've not been on board for six months), and often includes good advice on where to go and where to avoid.

Thanks to Paul for permission to re-post his photos.


eeyore said...

Was it you on Sovereign Wharf today or was it another of your owners?

All the best, Eeyore

Adam said...

Hi Eeyore (Sonflower's Eeyore??)

That would be another set of owners. We're not back on board until September, unfortunately, which seems like an awful long time away!