Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Self managed

So, after Saturday's owners' meeting, Debdale is now officially self managed.  It was a very productive and useful meeting, with a number of owners taking on various jobs, and lots of decisions taken.  For example, from next year, we'll change from a Friday changeover day to Saturday.


Halfie said...

Well done, Adam. I hope it all works out OK for you all.

Starcross said...

Glad to see you've got things sorted out. Will Debdale be staying on at Norbury?

Adam said...

Jim, yes we'll be staying at Norbury for at least 2011. The help of the people there is one of the reasons we're confident about going self-managed.

Anonymous said...

Great news, Adam, so glad that you've found a solution that allows you carry on cruising.

Hope it all goes well.

Sue, Indigo Dream