Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Spring Cruise - Day Six

We had a very quiet night at Coventry Basin, and woke to a clear, dry morning. We treated ourselves to a cooked breakfast, then prepared to set off. As we'd had to reverse down to the far end of one of the basin arms, the water was a bit shallow and we had to remove a few plastic bags from the prop before we set off. We left just before 9, and took an hour and a half or so to get back to Hawkesbury Junction. The water point on the Coventry side is out of action, so we went through the stop lock and used the one on the Oxford Canal.

As we set off again, the sun came out and it was really quite warm for a while. I have to confess that the North Oxford isn't my favourite stretch of water. It's lock free and has long straight sections, often accompanied by the motorway or the railway. However, today I quite enjoyed it. Maybe the sunshine helped.
Arriving at Ansty we said hello to Pete on Pickles No2, then stopped briefly for lunch. There were no spaces in the section with a proper edge, so we went through the bridge, leapt ashore, and moored up with pins. We carried on for a few more hours after lunch, arriving at Newbold at around 4pm. There are very few boats here, so we had our pick of the moorings.
16 miles, 1 lock. (101, 8)

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