Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Spring Cruise - Day Five

Rain overnight, which didn't clear as early as the forecast had suggested. So we got wet when we set off at just before 9. An hour later, we were turning back onto the Coventry Canal, and immediately started to see more traffic: of the three bridges to Hawkesbury, we met boats at two of them.

At Hawkesbury Junction we continued straight on towards Coventry. Lots of things have changed since we last did this stretch, back in 2005. The acetate works has closed down, there are lots of new flats, and there's a dramatic new footbridge.

We arrived at the basin at around 12.30, to find it full of boats. We turned and reversed to the end of one of the arms to an available space. For some reason, a swing bridge over the other arm is locked shut, meaning two possible moorings can't be reached.

We went into town, had lunch, and had a look round the Cathedral and the shops. There were some changes in town too, including a new art gallery opposite the Cathedral.

11 miles, 0 locks. (85, 7)


Llosgi said...

I'm enjoying getting to re-visit the Ashby & Coventry canals, via your blog, thanks! Hope the rain keeps off for you.

Anonymous said...

Very interested in your blog as I'm aiming to do the same route at the end of March from Calcutt Marina.
Are the moorings in Coventry basin safe, quiet and free to use overnight or are there restrictions ?
How far is the town centre from there ?

Adam said...

Carrie -- Thank you! And this has reminded me to put your blog back on my blogroll.

Phil -- Covntry basin is very pleasant. It's not secure, in that people use it as a through route, and there's a busy ring road nearby, but it's no noisier than any other city centre mooring. We had a very quiet night, as did the half-dozen other boats there. The moorings are free, and you're allowed 48 hours. The city centre is via a footbridge over the ring road. The transport museum is about 10 mins walk, and the shops and the Cathedral a bit further.

Anonymous said...

ooh-er, ta! I'm afraid I use other people's blogrolls (Simon's and I see yours has got LOADS on!). Very useful for people like me who don't always have much internet time. Far too lazy to install it myself of course..
- Carrie