Monday, 9 March 2009

Spring Cruise - Day Four

It was very windy overnight, but we again woke to a bright sunny day. Set off at 8.30 through the Snarestone Tunnel, to the current head of navigation. I turned in the winding hole and reversed onto the water point -- only to find that the hose pipe wouldn't reach.

We dumped the rubbish and set off again, back through the tunnel. It was a very blustery day, and on exposed sections of canal there were white topped waves. As a woman standing on the back of Best O' Mates said as they passed us, it was like being on the open sea. Once or twice, we were going straight into a head wind, which made it seem difficult to make any progess at all. Still, like yesterday, we travelled at a pretty steady 3 miles per hour, with each mile post appearing on cue every twenty minutes.

We arrived at Sutton Cheney just before one, and moored on the water point to fill the tank. We'd planned to have lunch at the cafe, but it doesn't open on Mondays during the winter. We knew this from the website, so had put the breadmaker on before setting off so we had fresh bread for lunch.

Our second attempt at eating out was thwarted a bit later, when we stopped at Trinity Marina for coal. We'd thought we'd stay the night at go to the pub there for dinner, but there were no moorings on the front of the marina. So we carried on, and moored for the night at Burton Hastings.

20 miles, 0 locks. (74, 7)


Halfie said...

It's a shame you didn't have time to explore the line of the canal up to Moira. We found bicycles handy for this four years ago. I read in Canal Boat that restoration of the missing bit of canal has started at the Snarestone end - did you see much evidence of it?

Dave & Chris said...

...I turned in the winding hole and reversed onto the water point -- only to find that the hose pipe wouldn't reach.

I could've told you this :) we did the same last summer, a perfect turn/reverse to find the hose 2ft too short lol

You shouldve stopped at Market Bosworth & ventured into the "Batter of Bosworth chippy", fine food with a pub or two nearby. Lovely family butchers in the square as well.
Dave & Chris
NB Silkwood

Simon said...

they seem to have moved on the permament moorers from the 48hr moorings, then. ;-)

had you moored outside Trinity you would have found yourselves charged for overnight mooring - I carried on a little further to moor on the bend. the town itself wasn't worth the trip in, but a lot closer there's a good curry house next door to a pub:

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Adam
If we had known you wanted to stop you could have breasted up with us, we're not going anywhere, we grabbed the last spot about 1.30pm

Adam said...

Halfie -- I too read about restoration starting, so I went to have a look. All they seem to have done so far is move a little digger onto site. I'll post a photo next week.

Dave and Chris -- I'm glad it's not only our hosepipe that's too short! I think ours is quite a bit shorter than it used to be, as people keep "repairing" it.

Simon -- The moorings right at the end were full. Not sure if the boats had been there months, though. If we'd stayed outside Trinity and they'd tried to charge us £5, I'd have referred them to their own sign on the other side of the entrace, which says casual visitor moorings are free for 48 hrs, then £5 a day after that.

Derek and Dot -- That's a kind offer. We quite liked our quiet mooring after all. Had we known you were down there while we were at the shop, we'd have walked down for a chat.