Thursday, 12 March 2009

Spring Cruise - Day Seven

Cloudy but dry when we set off from Newbold at around 8.45, just behind another OwnerShips boat which had been moored in front of us. Passing through Rugby, we said a quick hello to Del who was looking out of Derwent6's side hatch, and then waved to Ernie on Ten Bob Note a bit further along.

At Hillmorton Locks there were plenty of boats on the move, but we made rapid progress. As we headed towards Braunston, I had a phone call I'd been waiting for: my sister has had a little girl, so I'm an uncle!

We stopped just before Braunston for lunch, just after a shower passed through. By the time we started moving again it was dry, but still cloudy and quite cold. But soon we could see the edge of the cloud, with blue skies beyond, and before long we were in sunshine. We turned right at Wigram's Turn, and moored on the water point at Calcutt Top Lock. While the tank filled, we washed on side of the boat. When we were ready to go down the locks, a boat was coming up. It turned out to be Chris and his crew on Slow Pace, who've been blogging their build. It was good to meet and have a chat, having followed the blog.

It was turning into a lovely sunny evening as we went down the locks and carried on to just before Stockton Top, where we moored up for the night and washed the other side of the boat and the roof.

19 miles, 6 locks. (120, 14)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Uncle Adam! Enjoying your posts as always and pleased that you've had relatively benign weather for your cruise.

Nb Yarwood said...

I will echo Sue, congratulations on your Unclehood!
PS. Slowpace was Caxton's stablemate in the Reeves workshop.

Slow Pace Crew said...

It was great to meet you! We enjoy reading about your exploits on Debdale.