Friday, 17 October 2008

Epiphany and a new fender

Epiphany spotted Debdale in Braunston yesterday. I notice there's another OwnerShips boat, Adderbury, moored up behind: Braunston is a popular Wednesday night stop, as it's easy to get back to Stockton Top for Friday morning.

I've taken the liberty of pinching Epiphany's photo, as it shows that Debdale has had a smart black front fender fitted.

When we were on board in September, we found the front fender in a very sorry state, in spite of being new in the spring. One side was ripped open, and the insides had fallen out (as seen in the photo below, taken on the Edstone Aqueduct).

It's one of the penalties of OwnerShips boats being used so much that things like fenders wear out pretty quickly. So a few days before we were due back at base, we asked for a new fender to be ready to be fitted and suggested that the black ones might be a bit stronger (as well as suiting the colour scheme better). And thanks to Epiphany for confirming that the work has been done!

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