Sunday, 12 October 2008

Lock 53

I like doing locks, but I was surprised what hard work they were on the Stratford Canal, particularly the ones below Kingswood Junction. They're slow to fill and empty, the paddle gear is stiff, and the gates are heavy. Lock 53 was particularly difficult, because the bridge is so close to the bottom gate that there's no room for a proper balance beam. Instead, there's a metal framework attached a right angles, which gives very little leverage and is very uncomfortable to put your back against. Still, who said holidays should be easy?

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Jim said...

I remember this one well. Probably the first trip we did with a couple of friends 10 years younger than us (and about 12 years ago) was down to Stratford and back. At the end, I was feeling very tired, then our (younger) companion said "I couldn't turn another paddle!" - I felt a lot better.

Incidentally, this trip led to one of our favourite phrases, said by a Stratfor tourist looking in through Ophelia's window while we were moored in the basin; "Look, there's one having its tea!"