Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Incredible Journey

I set out just before 8 this morning on a trip to west London for a boat test. I thought it would be over by lunchtime and I'd be back home by mid-afternoon. As it turned out, there was a last minute hitch, I ended up driving to Evesham, and didn't get home until gone 7 this evening, having driven 325 miles.

Still, my first port of call was very close to Bull's Bridge Junction, so as I was running early and I'd never been there before, I stopped off at the nearby Tesco to have a look. I took the obligatory photo of the junction bridge.

Andrew Denny of Granny Buttons posted a night-time version just the other day, and linked to an almost identical scene by Bruce of Sanity. I'm rather jealous, because Bruce's sky is bluer, his grass is greener, and his water is stiller. And, of course, Bruce had arrived by boat!


Granny Buttons said...

Well, if it's still water you want, night is always better! :-)

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Adam
I thought you might be interested in this photo that I took of the same bridge in September last year. Look forward to catching up on the cut sometime.
Regards Dot Nb Gypsy Rover

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Adam
Dont think the last link works but you will find it here,
Regards Dot

Adam said...

Hi Dot -- for some reason the Blogger comment box doesn't display the full length of links! However, I got the full link in the email version. It's a nice photo -- having been there, I now know that the bridge is virtually the only photogenic thing in the area!