Saturday, 5 July 2008

Guildford Boat Gathering

Today we've been to Guildford where the Boat Gathering was being held on the River Wey. The first event of the afternoon was the Lions Raft Race, and there must have been a couple of dozen competitors with rafts of varying degrees of ingenuity. The theme was children's television.

We walked down the towpath following the rafts, but decided to turn back before the finishing line. It was quite a long way, and some of the crews (particularly the ones who were paddling rather than peddaling) looked rather tired and were going slower and slower.

Back at Millmead, the decorated boat parade was about to begin. I don't know who took the official title but our personal winner was Thomas the Tank Engine, complete with turning wheels and smoke coming out the chimney, with Thunderbird 2 coming a close second.

We stood on the sharp turn where the boats winded to go back to their moorings. Some got round with no problems at all, despite the strong gusty wind. Others made more of a meal of the turn, and one came close to getting wedged across the river.

Among the boats moored along the river was Herbie. We knew Herbie was there because of Neil's blog, but when we walked past there was no-one at home (the repainted roof looks very smart though!)


Neil Corbett said...

Fame at last! Glad you spotted us, but sorry we weren't in. We were proably standing near you at the raft race. We must wear our Herbie tee shirts next time so we are recognisable

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