Saturday, 10 November 2007

Watford locks -- again

I mentioned before we set off on the October trip that I'd had some trouble finding out about the opening times at Watford Locks. suggested that the locks were manned only until 30 October, so I phoned BW to find out what was happening on 31 October. It took them a while to find out, but they said the locks would be open as normal, just unmanned.

Of course in the event, the lock keepers were still there on 31 October. Logically, the last day of the month was their last day on duty (and in fact one of them was just setting off in his own boat, which had been moored just blow the top lock),

And the opening hours I'd been told were wrong, too, as winter hours had already begun. These were well signed though, as far away as Braunston bottom lock.

Watford Locks are currently closed, and will be until 21 December, for dredging of the side ponds.

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