Monday, 12 November 2007

Hardy owners

The latest edition of the OwnerShips magazine, OwnerSnips, is out, and show what a hardy bunch many owners are. When the hire fleets are tied up and the marinas are full, OwnerShips boats, it seems, are still out and about.

Among the articles in the magazine is one about battling through ice and snow on the Caldon in late November. Another owner writes about any icy November day on the South Oxford. Then there's a piece about New Year on the Grand Union, and another about doing the Warwickshire ring in March.
We have a week on board booked for the beginning of December. Judging by the year so far there's no predicting the weather, and stoppages will mean our choices are limited. I'm hoping for crisp, clear days, with very few other boats on the move.

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