Saturday, 24 November 2007

Sunset times

Here's a useful site, which shows the sun rise and setting times for dozens of places for years to come (and a load of other things too).

I discovered it when I was doing a bit of advance planning for a week we're due on Debdale in March next year. I wanted to know what time it gets dark at that time of year, so I could work out how many hours travelling we could realistically do each day. Here is the chart for Birmingham for March 2008, which shows that by the middle of the month there'll be two hours extra daylight compared to today.

Among the other (possibly less useful) things on this site, is a facility to work out some of the key moments coming up in your life. For example, it tell me that I'll be 20-million minutes old at 11.35 on Wednesday 9 April 2008, and I'll be 2000 weeks old on Tuesday 29 July 2008. make a note in your diary!

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