Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Lock cottages

Andrew Denny on nb Granny Buttons posted yesterday about a lock cottage for sale on the Stratford Canal, and noted that three cottages on the Oxford Canal have been sold in the past couple of years (including the one at Somerton Deep Lock, which we passed in September).

This reminded me of a conversation I had with the owners of the cottage by Cropredy Lock as we locked through. The whole family was outside, with the little lad demonstrating how he'd been told to hold on tight as he walked across the top gate. I mentioned to the owners that they must have one of the most photographed houses in the country. They said they'd often walked into shops and unexpectedly seen their house on the front cover of a magazine or calendar. And they described returning home to find a major photographic operation going on; it was a shoot for Oxfordshire Life (which I notice is owned by the same company as Canal Boat).

After that, it didn't really seem right to take my own photo. Consequently, I have no picture of Cropredy Lock cottage to illustrate this post. So here's the cottage at Kings Sutton Lock instead!

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