Thursday, 6 May 2010

On the verge of boating

We are off to Norbury Junction tomorrow to take Debdale out for a week.

At one stage in the past few days, we wondered if we'd be able to go.  As the news broke that OwnerShips had a huge hole in its finances and was going to be wound up, it emerged that most boats had outstanding unpaid bills.  Some boatyards started disabling boats, refusing to let them out until the bills had been paid.  It's been a busy few days, with emails whizzing backwards and forwards between our owners, trying to sort things out -- both for the past and the future.  We're still not entirely sure how everything will be settled, but things might be slightly clearer after a this weekend.  We're meeting the staff at Norbury tomorrow, and other owners will be attending a big OwnerShips meeting on Saturday.  Whatever happens, all owners will be out of pocket, thanks to the actions of OwnerShips' founder who died earlier this year.

But at least we'll be on board, with a plan to go to Stourport.  The last time we boated in May, on a hire boat in 2006, it rained almost every day for a fortnight.  The forecast isn't looking much better this year, with Saturday looking both wet and cold.  I'm beginning to think that on the evidence of the past few years, April might be a good time to go next year.


Simon said...

heavens, I feel for you (& Halfie, too?). I hope things get sorted out long term in some satisfactory way, and it won't be too costly short term, either. Enjoy next week (and good luck with the weather - Metcheck looks fairly promising, mind)/

Anonymous said...

Ah, the sunshine for the rest of us is a week of your posts!

So sorry about the ownerships predicament - it's rotten. I hope you can keep on cruising.

We're out next week aas well - it always rains in May - I should know - my birthday parties are always soggy!

Sue, Indigo Dream

Anonymous said...

I go for April every year and am generally rewarded with good (if cold) weather.
I really hope the Ownerships debacle resolves soon.
Andy (Capt Ahab)

justheaven said...

We'll be on board "Just Heaven" at our mooring in Kinver this w/e. Give us a shout, or stop by for a natter on your way past


Nb Caxton said...

Best of luck for a good week's cruising and we hope that Ownerships survives it's difficulties...
Lesley and Joe