Wednesday, 12 May 2010

May Cruise - Day 6

A sunny start and end to the day, but in between we had rain and even hailstone at times.  We left the moorings at Kinver at 8.30, having spent quite a while watching the moorhen chicks, and a family of ducklings.  The first few locks were in our favour, including Hyde Lock, with its lovely lock cottage with the garden gates like mini lock gates.

Gothersley Lock was full, so we knew we must have someone in front of us.  As we passed Ashwood Marina, we noticed Breaking the Ice moored outside, facing the other way from on our way down.  At Greensforge Lock, we caught up with Xilion Rose, and I had a chat with Malcolm and Annie.  We stopped at the water point, and this time got the slower tap (the more northerly one), so spent the best part of an hour there.  In fact, we were there so long we had lunch while we were waiting.

At Botterham Staircase Locks the broken paddle had been fixed, which makes you wonder why some have BW Aware notices on for years.  When we arrived at The Bratch, Xilion Rose were on their way up, and the lock keeper said we could follow them.  The sun also came out for the first time in several hours.  In spite of it being a wet Wednesday, there were still a few gongoozlers around.  Ebstree Lock and Dimmingsdale Locks had both had the balance beams repainted.  There were wet paint signs, but Adrian found it difficult opening and closing the gates without getting paint on him.  Above Dimmingsdale Lock is a fantastic mooring, on the off side.  It had been empty on our way down, but had a boat on it today.  We carried on to Wightwick, mooring for the night immediately below Wightwick Lock.

12 miles, 18 locks.  (87, 70)

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Captain Ahab said...

You are right about the mooring above Dimmingsdale - its one of my favourites.