Saturday, 8 May 2010

May Cruise - Day 2

The mooring at Wheaton Aston is nice, but by the morning the boat was covered in bits of tree and bird droppings.  We had to get the mop out before casting off.  I'd slept extremely well, going to bed just after 9pm, and not waking up until 6.  It was still quite early when I walked into the village to get a paper.

We left at about 8.45, heading into Wheaton Aston lock.  It had rained over night, and continued to rain on and off all day.  It was never heavy rain, but it was cold.  The canal was quite busy.  Last time we headed this way the Shroppie was closed, and consequently very quiet.  Brewood was particularly busy.  Beyong Bridge 8, we passed Jim on Starcross, and he pulled away behind us.  By the time we got to Autherley Junction it was raining quite hard.

We turned right onto the Staffs and Worcs towards Stourport.  Passing Aldersley Junction, we were now on water we hadn't travelled for ten years or so, when we hired from Stourport and did the Stourport Ring.
We went down Compton Lock, and moored up for lunch, with Jim not far behind.  I made a quick visit to the Spar shop for soup (we hadn't expected to need winter-style lunches!).  After lunch we set off again, finding the Staffs and Worcs has a very different character from the Shroppie.  The little bridges over the tails of the locks are a great help, although the one at Awbridge Lock requires nerves of steel!

 We carried on a little further, to the top of The Bratch, where we moored for the night opposite the cricket ground at around 4pm.  We'd lit the fire as it was fairly cold, and I used it to cook a meat sauce for pasta.

14 miles, 8 locks.  (21.5, 8) 

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On ownerships forum there is a post WHO OWNS FRADLEY ignore this if you wish but Dave Taylor owns 25% of this boatyard having bought it of his brother on behalf of OS