Sunday, 1 November 2009

Stourton Junction

There's something special about junctions, even when you're on foot rather than afloat. There's the anticipation of deciding which way to go, and more often than not they're in attractive settings. Stourton Junction is just under the bridge, with the Stourbridge canal going off to the right, up four locks.

Naturally, we had to go and have a look at the locks. The first two are very close together, although the pound in between stretches off to the side.

The third lock is on the other side of the A449, and is approached under a bridge. There's a much more suburban feel.

The fourth lock is virtually in someone's (very well kept) garden.

This is another route we did ten years ago, and again neither of us could remember it at all. A return visit must be on the cards.

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Captain Ahab said...

There is a lot to be said for visiting watery locations on foot or bike - it certainly makes photography easier.
I recently spent a very enjoyable day cycling tound some particularly obscure bits of Oldbury, which were hugely interesting and surprisingly photogenic.
I will let you draw your own conclusions as the end results will roll out on Captain Ahab over the next couple of weeks.