Friday, 27 November 2009

Chichester Canal drama

Last week's Chichester News, a free paper you can pick up in town, led with an unfortunate incident involving a taxi which ended end in the Chichester Canal. It's brakes failed as it came down Basin Road. The driver and two passengers all got out safely. The picture is the taxi being craned out of the water a couple of days later.
It's not the only canal-related story in the paper. On page 3, it says the Chichester Ship Canal Restoration Project Board is looking for a project manager for the next stage. The plan is to install a swing bridge to take one road, and a drop lock to take the canal under a much busier road, in order to restore navigation from Chichester Basin to the sea. It would start off as an unpaid post, but could become paid once the project manager has managed to secure finance for the scheme.

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