Monday, 30 November 2009

November Cruise - Day Three

More rain overnight, but we woke to a beautiful clear sunny morning. The fire had stayed in all night, and the ecofan really helps keep the back of the boat warm. We set off at 8.20, and soon arrived at the Hack Green Locks. Then it was on through Nantwich where there were lots of boats moored each side of the aqueduct. As we headed north, the wind was quite strong and very cold, straight into our faces. Hurleston Junction was the next landmark, with the locks looking very inviting. We'll come back and do the Llangollen on a future trip.

We carried on to Barbridge Junction, which we've passed several times by road on the way to my sister's, where we winded.

Now heading back south, the wind was behind us so it felt much warmer. We went alongside the Batchelor's boats, Mountbatten and Jellicoe, and bought a couple of bags of coal.

Back at Nantwich we'd planned to stop on the waterpoint, not just for water, but to see ourselves on the Empress Holidays webcam! However, there was one boat already there and another waiting, so we gave the waterpoint a miss and moored up on the towpath. We had lunch, then walked back to the Canal Centre to buy cakes from the cafe. There was also a very strong 3 3G signal, so we checked email and I posted yesterday's blog. Adrian was pleased to see that Sue and Lesley were concerned about his back! It's much better today, incidentally.

We set off again at 1.30, and retraced our steps back up the Hack Green Locks, and moored at just after 3pm back on the moorings at Coole Pilate (does anyone know how Pilate is pronounced?) just along from where we'd spent last night. There was a fantastic sunset, watched as we had tea and ate our Nantwich cakes.

15 miles, 4 locks. (35, 29)


Simon said...

I do love hearing about bits of canal I know about. I'm a not million miles away (but not that close, really), in Evesham this week, on a training course, wasting all the daylight in a classroom... I doubt I'll get a chance too see much of the Avon - a shame. Lovely clear day today, though.

yes very tempting to carry on as normal, but take care of that back, Adrian, don't stress it...

Sue said...

Well I am a bit closer hard on your heels.. I was expecting to pass you today and you went and winded!

Coole Pilate I think is Cool Pilot.. unless of course, any body knows any better!