Thursday, 22 October 2009


We're just back from a couple of nights away on a land-based break, during which time we managed to visit a number of boat related sites. This morning, on the way home, we stopped in Worcester. We parked near the River Severn, and walked past the Cathedral down to Diglis Locks, where the Worcester and Birmingham Canal leaves the river.

We last came this way on a hire boat about ten years ago, and neither of us could remember much about it. It would have looked very different back then, as there's been lots of new building, with more to come. There are new flats everywhere, including right next to Diglis bottom lock.

Walking up towards Diglis basins, we realised that the pound between the two locks was completely empty -- and I mean completely empty.

This pound should have seven or eight feet of water in it. I rang the BW mobile number shown on the noticeboard next to the locks, to report the problem. The BW chap who answered said he was just up the canal at Lock 5, and would be down in a few minutes to sort it out. We saw him a little while later letting some water down. It would have been interesting to know how long it took. Meanwhile, we had a good look round Diglis basins. The inner one is particularly attractive, and full of boats of all shapes and sizes.

We walked up the canal past a couple more locks before making our way into the city centre, then for a look round the Cathedral, and back to the car to continue our journey home.

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Anonymous said...

That empty pound's pretty dramatic - I wonder how it happened? Of course, there's usually plenty of water in the river - shame it's below the missing pound!
Sue, Indigo Dream