Sunday, 4 October 2009

September Cruise photos

I have uploaded more than 200 photos from our September cruise to a new set on flickr.


Captain Ahab said...

You knew this was coming - can I use your Congleton aqueduct photo as well please? With a link back of course.

Adam said...

Yes of course. There did seem to be an extraordinary number of aqueducts on this route -- although I didn't manage to get down to ground level for many of them. You'd have a field day in this area!

Adam said...
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Sandra & Barry said...

Hi Adam
Thanks for your comment on our blog - we hope to meet up with you next year maybe, we'll be down south if all goes to plan!
Sandra & Barry
P.S. We're so not sure what we did to create such an impression at The Black Lion, we were fairly quiet and reserved that night! Heaven knows what they would've said if we'd been onform! Lol!