Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Hyde Lock, Staffs and Worcs Canal

From Stourport we drove to Kinver and parked in one of the many free car parks just off the main street. We walked down to the canal at Kinver lock, and walked along the permanent moorings to Hyde Lock, which is in a very attractive setting.

The cottage next to the lock has unusual and appropriate garden gates.

From Hyde Lock we turned off the towpath and took a footpath along the River Stour back into Kinver, where we had lunch at the Kinfayre Coffee House.


Jim said...

You've beaten me to it! I noticed the "lock gates" at Hyde lock when we passed through last weekend and was going to mention them on my blog when I get round to writing up the trip. Now everyone will just think I'm copying you!


Adam said...

I'm sure no one will notice, Jim (and even if they do, they'll be too polite to say anything!)