Monday, 7 September 2009

Stoppage update

BW have updated the Shroppie stoppage information, and it looks certain that we won't be completing the Four Counties Ring part of our planned journey. It seems they haven't even started the repair of the leak yet -- they're still finalising the design. As a result, the canal isn't due to re-open until at least 24 October.

It means that when we come down the Macclesfield, we'll be turning south instead of north. Interestingly, Canal Plan says the southerly route back to Norbury Junction will take exactly the same amount of time as going via the Middlewich branch; it's just that going south is 60 miles and 32 locks, while north is 48 miles and 62 locks. It's a shame: I was looking forward to doing the Cheshire Locks twice!

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