Thursday, 24 September 2009

September Cruise - Day Fourteen

Another day with lots of locks. We set off at 8.30, went through two tunnels, and then crossed the Marple Aqueduct, which has a railway viaduct along side.

Then it was straight into the flight of 16 locks, which raise the canal more than 200 feet. Unfortunately we had another boat right in front of us, which meant each lock had to be emptied before we could use it. The other boat was an older couple, and I ended up setting a lock ahead for them, then returning to set the lock they'd just left. Alex and Adrian worked Debdale through. About half way up the flight, we started meeting boats coming down. It's a very pretty flight, although the paddle gear is very stiff, particularly on the bottom gates. But there are unusual locks, such as the two which are right on the road, and fantastic views of the pennine hills.

At the top, we failed to find anywhere deep enough to moor, so we had lunch on the move. We aldo ran aground half a dozen times. Regular boaters in this area tell us the water level is five or six inches lower than it should be. So it was slow going to Bugsworth Basin, a restored trans-shipment area which used to be used to transport lime. It's a fascinating area, and we went for a walk around the various arms. This evening, we went for dinner at The Navigation, a pub once owned by Pat Phoenix, aka Elsie Tanner from Coronation Street.

10 miles, 16 locks. (170, 145)


Anonymous said...

Hello! Three times over the past couple of years, I've run after your boat shouting "Are you Adam?" to the slightly frightened boater on board Debdale! At last, I got it right as you went past me yesterday ;-)
Nice to see you - hope you have fun with the rest of the trip.
- Carrie x (nb Blackbird)

Adam said...

Hi Carrie, nice to fianlly see you too, having seen your boat several times before. The other owners of Debdale are now quite used to being accosted in that way!

Halfie said...

That makes me think: I wonder how often Shadow is similarly hailed ("Halfie" substituted for "Adam", of course (I'm such a pedant!))